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Grass Finished Galloway Beef

Galloways.......A Heritage Breed of Cattle bred to produce high quality beef from an all grass diet. Once you eat Galloway you will taste the difference immediately! What Angus is to America is what Galloway is to the rest of the world!

We have a small breeding herd , and just had our first calf born at  the end of May.

What we are doing to be able to keep up with the market and our customers is buying young animals from other Galloway Breeders and finishing them out on our property. The animals we are purchasing all come from herds that are not fed grain , there is no routine use of antibiotics, and never any hormone use.

We supply a whole range of meat cuts from our grass fed and finished beef...

The best bargain is to buy in bulk.  The following is a description of what comes in each bulk package.


1/4 side average weight is 162 pounds hanging weight. This package includes 8 roasts(3-4lbs each), 16 steaks, 26 lbs hamburger, brisket and beef ribs.


Due to the pandemic , and the subsequent demand for bulk meats , we are taking preorders for the spring of 2021. A deposit of 150.00 is required to hold your spot. 




Prices for 2020 are $4.25 per pound for anything 1/4 of a side and larger. Prices reflected are for the meat to be cut, wrapped and frozen. Total price is based on hanging weight, not on package weight.



Ground Beef- $7.00/#(about 93%lean)


Steaks- $16.95/#

  • Rib-Eye
  • Porterhouse     
  • T-Bone

NY Strip Steak - $18.95/#


Sirloin steaks - $9.99/#


Flank Steak - $8.50/#


Cube Steak-$7.50/# 


Short Ribs - $6.50/#


Brisket- $8/#


Sirloin Tip or Eye Round Roast-$8/#


Roasts- $7.50/#

  • Bottom Round
  • Rump
  • Chuck
  • Shoulder


Heart, Liver or Tongue- $3/#


Bones -$1/#









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Farm is open on Saturdays

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Free Deliveries to Frederick County and Eastern Washington County.

New area this year, Gaithersburg,Derwood and Rockville, Md.Details on the Deliveries Page



Happenings Around The Farm

2020 Farmers Markets


Middletown Farmers Market- thursday evenings 4-7 on rte 17south across from the firehall


Frederick City Farmers Market

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we are also on the Whats Good App for pickup or delivery for the Derwood or Shady Grove Farmers Markets

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