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Pineline Poultry and Meats

Sorry Folks we are no longer able to process outside birds- USDA says ........we either do our own or do others but NOT BOTH

We are offering processing for home consumption only.



Chicken Pricing:


Base price - $6.00 per chicken (plastic bagged)

Shrink wrapped ready for the freezer -  $2.00 extra

Cut into pieces - $1.00 extra per bird


Rabbit Pricing:


Base Price - $10.00 per rabbit (plastic bagged)

Shrink wrapped ready for the freezer - $1.00 extra

Cut into pieces - $1.00 extra per rabbit


We are no longer processing turkeys or ducks.



 Please contact us for specific dates. Will be starting the first week in June, running weekly through the end of October. 



Animals must be free of visible disease. Delivered to us by 7am of the morning of processing (we can take them the night before). Product must be picked up the same evening of processing, unless you are getting them shrink wrapped,then they will be available the next day.


Deposit required at dropoff of half your total bill.


If paying just the base price, your birds will be individually put into a plastic (non freezer proof) bag. It is recommended that they are hard frozen within 48 hours of processing. All meat will be chilled to 40 degrees or lower before customer pick up. It is your responsibility to keep meat chilled below 40 degrees once you pick the product up, we are not responsible for any meat going bad once it has left our location.


Disclaimer: Due to the use of mechanical equipment, some damage may occur to some birds. These birds will still be safe to eat. We follow USDA safety guidelines, if any animal shows any sign of internal disease, these animals will be discarded and labeled not for human consumption. We will document any discards and the reason why.


Thank you, Pineline Poultry Team




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Free Deliveries to Panhandle of West Virginia, Washington County and  Frederick County.  Montgomery County deliveries will have a $10.00 fuel surcharge.Details on the Deliveries Page



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