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Pineline Poultry and Meats

Pastured Pork 

The pigs do a number on our grounds gaining all the valuable nutrition that they need to keep them healthy. They eat grubs, worms, grasses, and a grain mixture.  We let them graze because feeding solely grain makes the pig gain more fat and less muscle. So in order to gain more flavor and to "marble" our pork we allow them to scavenge the fields for most of the nutrients, while we also supplement with grain and vegetable scraps.


We raise a heritage breed of pig, Berkshire and Berkshire xHampshire. 

Prices for 2022

what our hogs produce...

  • Loose Sausage : $8.50lb. Savory Sage, Brown Suger Maple, Hot Italian, Bratwurst 
  • Grillers(4 pieces to a pack)  $9.00lb. Andouille, Chorizo, Rosemary-Garlic, Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Kielbasa
  • Smoked Grillers (4 pieces to a pack) $9.50lb. Smoked Smokey Bites, Smoked Kielbasa 
  • little links(savory sage or maple)-$9.00#
  • Plain Ground Pork - $7.75lb.
  • Bone In Center Cut Pork Chop(3/4"; 2 per pkg) - $9lb.
  • Porterhouse Chops- $9.00lb.
  • Boneless Chops- $9.50lb.
  • Thick cut chops- $9.50lb.
  • Ham Steaks (1/2" thick)  - $6.00/#
  • All Natural Cured and Smoked Bacon - $11.50lb. 
  • Loin Roasts(boneless)- $10.00lb.                                           
  • Shoulder Roasts(3-4 lbs ) - Boston Butt $7.00lb.
  • Shoulder Roast-Picnic- $6.00lb.
  • Spare Ribs or Country Style Boneless Ribs- $7.00lb.
  • Hocks(anc)$6.00/#
  • Fresh request...$11.50 lb.
  • Holiday Ham Roasts.....anc-$6.00lb.
  • We sell whole or half hogs price is $2.50 per pound hanging weight- you pay the butcher fees. We send our animals to either a USDA processor such as Blue Ridge Meats in Middletown , Va or Shuff's in Thurmont Md. If we sell a whole hog between 2-8 people, we will deliver to the USDA processor or the Custom processor(Three Springs in Sharpsburg, MD) and then deliver the packaged meat to you.



In addition to cuts of pork, we sell pigs for you to raise out yourself. If interested please contact Rachel for more information.



**Prices are subject to change based upon uncontrollable costs.

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Pineline Poultry and Meats



10707 Easterday Rd

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Rachel    240-291-8254

Jason 301-708-9419


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Farm Hours and Deliveries

Farm is open on Saturdays

please call in advance 240-291-8254


Free Deliveries to Panhandle of West Virginia, Washington County and  Frederick County.  Montgomery County deliveries will have a $10.00 fuel surcharge.Details on the Deliveries Page



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2022 Farmers Markets




Frederick City Farmers Market

5/08 through 11/20

Sundays 9am till 1pm

331 North Market St.

Frederick, Md 21701 free parking


Brunswick Main Street Farmers Market


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