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Pineline Poultry and Meats

Pastured Chickens and Turkeys

Pineline Poultry and Meats uses Jumbo Cornish Cross, and Striped Jumbo Cornish meat chickens. The Jumbo Cornish Cross have more breast meat then leg meat, while the Striped Cornish are more proportionate in their muscle structure. Each of these birds are unique and special in their own way, making them desireable to each and every customer we aim to please.

Turkeys are raised and processed in time for Thanksgiving. We raise mini- whites - our processing equipment can handle their smaller size and their smaller weight range is great for smaller families. Size range is 16-22 pounds. For 2024- I plan on getting some Heritage Breed Turkeys earlier in the season, these will be a limited number and cross our fingers they make it to Thanksgiving!


This year we hope to be able to offer Duck.Last year I started a small breeding flock, and hope to incubate the eggs and raise our own.

Mother Earth News states that pasture raised chickens produce more nutritious eggs;

Prices for 2024

Pricing will be updated after the first processing of the season- roughly beginning of June

Poultry products that we offer...

  • Whole Roasters (Frozen) .......$4.25lb.
  • Boneless  Breasts - $10/# packaged individually 
  • Boneless Dark Meat-$10/lb. 4 pieces per pack             
  • Whole Breasts....$5.00#
  • Thigh/Leg Combo...$5.00/lb. 2 quarters per pack
  • Thighs....$5.00/lb. 4 pieces per pack
  • Wings - $5.00/#
  • Spatchcock-$5.00lb.
  • Liver-or Hearts $4/#
  • Feet or Bones - $3.5/#
  • Multi-colored Ungraded Eggs (sold by the dozen) $6.00
  • Duck eggs $3.00 per half dozen

Turkeys: price determined closer to butcher time(typically around 3.50 per pound)






**Prices are subject to change based on uncontrollable costs.




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Pineline Poultry and Meats



10707 Easterday Rd

Myersville,Md 21773


Rachel    240-291-8254


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Farm Hours and Deliveries



Free Deliveries to Panhandle of West Virginia, Washington County and  Frederick County.  Montgomery County deliveries will have a $10.00 fuel surcharge.Details on the Deliveries Page



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2024 Farmers Markets




Frederick City Farmers Market

5/12 through 11/24

Sundays 9am till 1pm

331 North Market St.

Frederick, Md 21701 free parking



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